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Can You Wear a Strapless Dress to Military Ball?

What is a military ball? It is an annual glamorous event of ceremony attended by officer and enlisted service members along with their respective guest/ dates. The host may be a branch of ROTC in high school or an active military unit for career service personnel. In some cases, the ball are to celebrate the branch’s birthday, but not always. There is a social hour, receiving line, dinner, observance of the flag, and recognition/ award events. It may seem like prom or formal wedding, while there are some very specific fashion rules. Service members are in dress blues or Class A uniform and dates/ spoues attend in formal finery.

The problem is you’re invited to a military ball, but you aren’t sure what kind of dress to wear to military ball, is a strapless dress OK to military ball. I’ll put your mind at ease and help you feel comfortable and beautiful on the night, so you won’t say “I wish I had known what type of dress to wear to my first Military Ball” in future 10 year. And for any kind of affair like a military ball dinning out there is usually a protocol officer appointed to help answer questions surrounding the event including dress and some such.

What kind of dress to wear to military ball?

The ball is an opportunity for service members to honor and celebrate their military heritage, it is a formal event, those who attend must be mindful of the dress code expectations.

As a rule, only the military member is under rules of dress and appearance. However, an actual ball will require formal attire, so a strapless is proper if it certainly meet the requirement, and you probably need to take a wrap or something just in case or better yet.

A military ball is a formal event, men who are guests wear formal attire with darker suits or tuxedos, while femal member wear formal gowns and dresses. They may also have option to wear their dress uniform, and the skirt uniform is considered the most approporiate for military balls. Also the corresponding hat while entering and exiting the miliraty ball is necessary.

Dresses for female guests are formal length, which is often to the floor. But recently as smaller versions of military balls, high school military balls held by all branches of the armed forces, the length can do to the knees or just below.

Here’s the basic guildlines to choose a classy and conservative military ball gown, not caudal or trashy:

  • As a formal event, military members will be in their fanciest dress uniform. As a date, your attire should be equally formal. This generally means a floor-length dress is best, not a shorter “cocktail length” dress. All dresses should be long enough to cover ankles, column dresses with back or high slit should not be higher than mid-thigh. But it doesn’t need to be a puffy ball gown and have a train, either.
  • Appropriate, it is a differrent definition for everyone, but it is a work function. So try to cover underwear, cleavage, and the midriff. If you have to ask, “Is this showing too much?” the answer is probably yes.
  • Wear something comfortable, includes, military ball dress and shoes, you will wearing them all night with lots of sitting, standing and dancing.
  • If you are wearing gloves as part of your formal attire, remember to remove your right glove and hold it in your left hand when you meet people and shake hands. Furthermore, ensure your hands are clean and well-kept.
  • Color doesn’t matter unless it is neon. Lots of people want to match dress to the military uniform, it is unnecessary. The choice is yours, wearing a unique color will stand out and get lots of compliments too.
military ball dress
Military ball dress

Order royal blue long formal dresses KSP596 / Sequined military ball gowns KSP587

What colors should wear to the ball?

Many girls choose to coordinate their gowns to the official colors of the military branch of their program, for example, navy blue and gold for Navy ROTC, this is not requirement, just avoid clashing colors with the dress uniform, that’s OK.

Complimentary colors you may consider for your military ball dress includes jewel tones such as deep reds, dark purples, and emerald greens, they all look amazing with color blues.

And elegant neutrals like black, matt gold or silver, muted copper look fantastic with any uniform.

What Not to wear to a militray ball?

There are some things that probably should be avoided:

  • Do not wear bright neon colors, it isn’t not a good look for anyone, it’s not coming back. The same goes for any big or bold prints, or anything too “flashy” to the party. For the servicemen in uniform are the main attraction and honorees, This is your time to blend into the background not steal the spotlight.
  • Any dress with a train or fish tail will only attract people stepping on your gown.
  • Cocktail dresses, mini dresses, or crop top & skirt combo as absolutely inappropriate for a military ball. Even if high school military ball is less formal for less formal attire, don’t wear a dress in length above the knee. Tea length (mid calf) and high low dresses are acceptable.
  • Dresses with side cut out, side boob, body con dresses are absolutely not appropriate.
  • You can wear a strapless gown to the military ball, don’t forget to bring an evening wrap or bolero jacket for some units still follow tradition that shoulder should be covered during the receiving line.

Extra tips to get an funny military ball night

  • Appropriate undergarment for your dress is necessary. Bra, shape wear, slips, camisoles or any undergarment should not be visible.
  • Closed toes shoes tend to look more formal. And make sure you practice walking and dancing your shoes serval days before the event. Pre-scuff the sole of any new heels to prevent an accidental slip, also this trial run will help you avoid unnecessary pain at the event.
  • You will be shaking hands in the receiving line, bracelets and rings will make that diffcult. Loose, clunky, bangle bracelet have a tendency to be loud at the worst possible time, like during a toast, so avoid these.
  • Your bag for the party should be clutch, wristlet, or small bag for bringing lipstick, powder compact, breath mints, cell phone and you ID.


Prom Dress VS Wedding Dress

Prom Dresses VS wedding dresses, what is the difference?

prom dress vs wedding dress

Prom dress and wedding dress are types of dresses that girls or women wearing on special occasion parties. I’ve seen very bridal-looking prom dresses, and I’ve seen very prom-looking wedding dresses too. In other word, can you wear a prom dress as your wedding dress, what the differences and how to distinguish them?

bridal look prom dresses at Happyprom

 There are beautiful $300 wedding dress and $1400 gorgeous prom gowns, so obviously price is not the difference.

prom dress and wedding dress

Prom is a major event in students’ school life, getting perfect dreamy prom dress is a must. These dresses usually come as a gown or a cocktail dress style. Short prom dresses are more acceptable these years than before. Prom dress tend to be more colorful, navy blue, black, red, pink, white are popular color choice of prom dress.

dreamy prom dresses

On the other hand, a wedding dress is the gown which the bride would wear during her wedding ceremony. Color of wedding dresses in general are a variant shade of white (white/ Ivory / Cream).

wedding dresses

But wedding gowns’ color and style may vary from culture to culture, however white is the most commonly used wedding gown color. And white prom gowns are choice of many girls too. With some wearing tips, you can wear white prom dress without bridal-looking.

BTW, cheap beautiful prom dress is a GREAT way to save money on wedding dress if you are planning a budget wedding, or if you don’t want a traditional wedding dress.

It is difficult to tell their difference I think, they are both important things. The only difference I think is whether the label says prom dress or wedding dress on it.   If you tell them you want a non-white dress though, they’ll probably agree that you’re much more likely to find something in the prom section when shopping local store.

So, wear what you feel good in! It’s your wedding dress, no one else’s’, and your prom party, just make sure your prom dress is allowed by your school prom rule.


Best Wedding Ideas for A Small Intimate Affair

Small weddings are quite common. Having a small wedding gives you the ability to get really creative with themes, seating charts, allow you more personal touch that truly reflects you and your love, and create a relaxing and enjoyable environment for everyone.

small intimate wedding party
small intimate wedding party

You may have heard the term ‘intimate wedding’ being tossed around lately. Especially when you take into consideration needing to reduce guest counts to comply with government restrictions around weddings and staying safe! It is also choice as couples seek to maximize their budgets without minimizing their experiences.

Wedding with guest counts between 20 and 75 are generally consider “intimate”. Different with elopements, intimate affairs refer to more formalized events with an itinerary and more events.

How to make your small wedding feel special, what can you do for a small intimate wedding?

Having a smaller guest list means you have more freedom to spend your budget. Remember to splurge wisely on what important to you. It can be the flowers, the food or the venue, just make sure it is important to you and your partner. And there are endless options to make your intimate wedding special. For example, hire a food truck instead of a full-blown catering service, have your local bakery make you a really special, personalized cake, get creative with our party favors.

Fewer people mean you can skip the formal invitations, just call each of your guest personally to invite them, or send handwritten letters, or the trendy invitation- acrylic wedding invitations that your guests are not likely to have seen before.

Golden acrylic wedding invitations
Golden acrylic wedding invitations

Choosing a nontraditional venue that meaningful to the couple, like a coffee shop or library where the couple first met. It will make the day even more sentimental and meaningful.

hotel suites that have beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces, gardens, a small vineyard, nightclubs, art galleries, and also family homes could prove to be a photo-worthy location.

Prefer great outdoor wedding, an abandoned rustic barnyard, woodland tree house, exclusive beach, they all make a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding photos.

Want a more casual reception with some delicious comfort food, then invite friends and family over for a backyard BBQ wedding.

Woodland tree small wedding
Small woodland wedding

Instead of a white gown, non-traditional colored wedding dresses for a non-traditional approach. Wearing something unique and pairing it with beautiful flower bouquet to celebrate your personality. And don’t forget bridesmaid dress for your girls. They are also one of the beautiful sights of your wedding. Match it and custom made it online is the best way to keep beautiful and health at same time

Non-traditional wedding dresses
Bridesmaid dresses for non-traditional wedding dresses

Enhance the evening with extra funds with hiring a live music, a quarter or pianist to play throughout the night; A fantastic photographer to capture the moments you treasure most- the laughter, the tears, and the clinking glasses.

Personalize every details of the menu, set each place with handwritten menus. Upgrading dinner to an indulgent seven-course meal, complete with fine wines and spirits. Or to have a to-die-for menu, hire a food truck that serve dishes fresh woodfired pizza, falafel, street tacos, ice cream, or serve hors duoverse during a cocktail hour. Just be sure to attain the proper licenses and legal paperwork from your vendor ahead of time.

When it comes to the reception, instead of multiple tables, seat everyone at a long estate table or at a U-shaped setup, that will make everyone feel like family. Rather than struggling through the seating chart, allow guests to choose their own seat for a family-style meal.

Fewer seat makes it easier to get creative with seating format, it could be poufs, picnic blankets, alternating chairs and pews.

seating plan for small wedding party
seating ideas for small wedding

Go hyper-custom and keep design in mind from each detailed item to the design of the space, give your guests a memorable experience with personalized touches. With lights, plants, fabrics and anything else to create an relax and intimate ambience, for example use individual flower petals as place cards. The only limit is your imagination.

Incorporate family heirlooms like vintage china and silver, or hand-embroidered napkins into your wedding décor is the best way to personalize your wedding and connect with your family.

No matter how to design the space, make sure your guests have enough elbow room at their place setting, easy communicate with their dining partners. Treat them to the most beautiful china, special surprises at their seats and monogrammed linens. Set a comfy lounge area or fire pit for everyone to gather around and make all of your guests feel right at home.

set up comfty space for intimate wedding
comfty space set up

Plan events around the wedding, keep everyone entertained. Fun group games are necessary to encourage them to socialize. Consider giant outdoor Jenga, a photo booth, dance performance, or a fun scavenger hunt, and even murder mystery game. Price for the winner is the must.

Be sure to take group photos

It is also the reason why you should hire a photographer. Have guests stand together outside the venue or ask your photographer to get an aerial shot of you and your guests standing in a heart shape.

Host an afterparty

Not ready to stop the celebration, consider the afterparty at your favorite dive bar or grab a late-night snack and some drinks after the reception is over

Make your guests feel special by personal welcome gift

Drop off brunch boxes the night of the wedding for the next morning, or leave special messages in their rooms.

Opt for an unusual guest book

A giant globe or map, a block from a Jenga game for guests to sign. Or float a few Polaroid cameras for guests to snap at-will for a visual guest book.

Unusual wedding guest books
special wedding guest books


What Is Turtle Neck?

Different countries have different names for the turtle neck. Turtle neck is most commonly used in the US and Canada, but in England it may be called both polo or a roll neck. And in Australia, it is sometimes called “skivvy”.

Turtle neck are not uniform for the undesirable, turtle necks are extremely versatile and can be worn so many ways.

Types of Turtle necks and how to style them:

There are 4 different types of turtlenecks, let’s go over these and learn how to style them.

  1. The classic style turtle neck, it is usually thin, tight0fitting with slim neck.

It is always used as layering pieces for a classy yet warm look, such as tuck a black classic turtleneck into a skirt, then paired with tights or jeans, so extremely chic.

And if you can’t let the dress or jumpsuit for summer go of, layer a classic turtle underneath it, here you go.

  •  The cowl necks are usually thicker, and more loose fitting with big and long exaggerated necks that can be folded or left to hang loose. They are like built-in scarfs. Compare to classic turtle, cowl necks have a more casual look.

Dress cowl neck by pairing them with a pair of jeans or a min-skirt for more casual look. And at last finish the look off with comfy sneakers.

  • The funnel/ mock neck, it is small turtle which is shorter than classic turtle neck. They usually end about halfway up the neck (never reaching the ears). Some are thick and chunky, while others are light and paper-thin. Nonetheless, they give off a slightly more elegant look than the cowl and classic neck.

Pairing funnel neck with a simple pair of jeans or pants, have your hair up in a messy bun for a simple and elegant look. And you can also tucking the funnel neck into a cute or edgy skirt to make an interesting outfit.

4. The turtle neck dress

When we talk turtle necks, we immediately think of sweaters and jumpers. But in fact there is an extremely chic alternative- the turtleneck version of sweater dress, and party dresses.

You can also dress them up with a pair of boots/ sneaker and heels, it’s up to you and the occasion.

Are turtle neck in style 2021 and how do you use a turtle neck?
Due to the various turtle neck styles, it can be used on both sweater, dress and base shirt. It is warm and elegant underneath a shirt, a blouse, a blazer. You can match it with mini skirt, jeans and also pants. Comfortable and easy to wear and match, so I am sure turtle neck will in style 2021.

Upgrade your wardrobe with a turtleneck sweater, a simple black turtle neck shirt. Or if you are going to attend your prom party or a wedding as bridesmaid, consider turtleneck prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses now.

turtle neck prom dresses
turtle prom dresses at Happyprom
turtle neck bridesmaid dresses
turtle bridesmaid dresses at Happyprom


When Should Bridesmaid Dresses Be Ordered?

Do you know when should you order bridesmaid dresses? Although the bridesmaid dresses shop isn’t as big as shopping wedding dresses, it does come close to second.

wedding bridesmaid dresses

Order bridesmaid dresses online make it easy for bridesmaid everywhere to buy their dresses the same as usual clothes. But it isn’t like typical online shopping, they need to arrive at your front door before the date. And you still need to make sure that you buy the right dress as a bridesmaid.

Check out this go-to bridesmaid dresses shopping timeline to set and stick to a timeline to ensure no one is scrambling at the last minute.

8 Months Before the Wedding: find out whether or not the bride-to-be will be choosing a bridesmaid dress for you or if she’d rather you pick your own dress. If brides pick the dress, then you can send her your favorite style; otherwise, get a sense of what color or style she’s envisioning or at least wants you to try on when ordering your bridesmaid dress. However, it requires some patience.

mermaid bridesmaid dresses

5+ Months before the wedding is an ideal time to order bridesmaid dresses if your time is enough. Before you shop your bridesmaid dresses, get your measurements; You can measure yourself with your family or friends according to instructions, or just go visit your local seamstress so you can have a professional take your exact measurements. Bridesmaid dress sizes are not the same as traditional clothing ones, so chances are their usual size won’t apply.

how to measure yourself

whether you choose to go into a bridal salon or opt to buy online, it needs to be done immediately after you hear which dress the bride wants everyone to wear.

many designers require bridesmaids’ attire to be ordered at least three months in advance of  your wedding date.

And if possible, order all the dresses at the same time so they’re from the same dye lot.

1-2 months before the wedding, make sure you get the dresses so you can get any alterations needed for the bridesmaid dress so you look and feel good in it. There are varieties of styles and colors of bridesmaid dresses, unsure of which dress will be the best? Check some wedding forums, Facebook groups, Pinterest before easily ordering online. 

If your bridesmaid dresses are not made-to-order, so it probably won’t fit right away — even if you did buy off-the-rack. So it is good ideas to order custom made bridesmaid dresses if there is not enough time before the wedding.

Find a place in your closet or away from anything that could damage the dress and make sure it’s in a breathable garment bag.

One day before the wedding, make sure that you have your bridesmaid dress and any other accessories, like earrings or jewelry all in one place. 

On the wedding day, get dressed, help the bride with any of her finishing touches, and celebrate with her.

celebrate the wedding


How to Keep Prom Dresses Or Bridesmaid Dresses?

How do you preserve a prom dress? What is the best way to store a bridesmaid dress? It should involve more than just placing it on a hangar and shoving it in a closet.

Bridesmaid Dress

Prom dress, bridesmaid dress are not is unlike your day-to-day clothing. Your dressy dresses deserve special attention and care to keep it looking its best and should be maintained with care. 

It’s common to order your dress a few weeks before the occasion, and, after the party, we can reuse the dress again. Both might lead you to the question, how to keep your prom dress or bridesmaid dress?

  1. How to store the dress before the event?
prom dress

  It’s important to keep your dress in good condition (by hanging or storage) for weeks so that it still looks amazing when you are ready to wear it for the big day.

  With a few simple tricks, you can make sure that it maintains its beauty and in new condition with crease-free.

   The first step is to find a clean and safe, dust-free storage space. This could be your wardrobe or in another room. Just make sure to keep your dress away from direct light, sun exposure, which will make the color fade or dull.

If possible, store your dress laying completely flat in a box when having enough room to fold as little as possible. This would help you to avoid wrinkles and crease lines.

If not, hang it straight and not touching the ground with a wide/ rounded hanger that won’t leave indents on the straps or neckline of the dress. Cover the dress in a zip-through plastic dress cover will be better.

Allow your prom dresses or bridesmaid dresses room to breathe, do not pack it too tightly into small spaces.

Use a gentle insect repellent to combat against pests. Test the repellent beforehand to ensure it doesn’t have a strong scent and easy to remove from the dress.

Pull out the dress, air it out and make sure it is still free from creases or wrinkles once the big day approaches. Check the whole dress and try it on again to make sure the fabric is lying correctly and has not changed shape during storage.

  • How to store the dress after the event?
burgundy bridesmaid dresses

    A prom dress can always be worn again for the future formal or semi-formal event, and so do bridesmaid dresses. And you can even have some featured changed or altered to transform it into a new dress.

    But after the party, it’s possible that your dresses may have small marks, stain or tear that need to repair. Examine your dress from top to bottom to find any stains or tears that need to fix or repair before returning it to storage in the same place, clean and repair it home or store, so it’s fresh and ready to wear again.

    Store your dresses at room temperature and avoid basements or warm linen closets. The temperature difference can cause changes to occur to the fabric over time. You can store it in four important words, clean, cool, dark and dry, and plus these tips.

    The narrow loops of fabric sewn into the neckline of dresses are for hanging. If you decide to hang it. Then loop each side over the top of the hanger. If you are going to store your wedding or prom dress in a box, make sure the box is constructed of strong, acid-free cardboard.

    Depending on your closet system and space, decide between box or hanger storage. Throw a few packets of silica gel into your box or attach it to the hanger of your dress. This will absorb the surrounding moisture and keep mold away.

    If there is any beading on the dress, cover or wrap it in tissue paper to protect it. Carefully store any packages of replacement beads or buttons in a safe place. You never know when you may need these.   

   If you need to transport your dress and don’t have space, widely roll instead of the fold to prevent creases.

   You’ll need to reapply a bug repellent. Add a scented satchel such as lavender to your box or tape from the hanger to keep the dress remaining fresh-scented. 

   You’ll need to periodically check up on the garment. Pull it out from storage, allow it to hang and breathe away from the sun. And steam clean on a regular basis to keep the shape, and so it won’t distort over time. 


How To Choose Wedding Guest Dresses According to Dress Code on Wedding Card?

What is the dress code? It is the info about wedding guest dresses. Some words on the wedding card like “ causal, cocktail attire, formal, black tie” are the crucial information of the dress code. And it is encouraged to mentioning dress code on your wedding invitations, reception card or enclosure card. It’s helpful for guests to know exactly what is expected of them for attire to dress properly.

Here comes the question, do you know how to dress according to different dress codes? Take a look and decide what fits your wedding guest dresses style best.

Casual dress means wedding guests can wear pretty much anything they want.

For Ladies: We recommend a summer dress.

For Gentlemen: Pants with a button-down shirt or polo shirt

sundress for casual wedding guest
casual sundress for wedding guest

Cocktail Attire, Semi-Formal or Dressy Casual
All three of these phrases are asking guests to dress somewhere between formal and casual.

For Ladies: Cocktail dresses

For Gentlemen: Suit and tie or a sport coat

cocktail attire for ladies
cocktail attire for ladies

Beach Formal
Beach inherently indicates casual, which is why formal is tacked on to the end — it’s still a classy affair.

For Ladies: Formal summer sundresses (tea-length or knee-length) with flats

For Gentlemen: Summer suit with a linen shirt, linen pants or khakis, and sandals

formal beach sundresses for beach formal wedding
formal beach sundresses

Formal Attire or Black Tie Optional
These two phrases are very common in today’s weddings. They indicate that the wedding party will be in formal wedding attire, and it’s optional for all guests.

For Ladies: Formal evening wear (floor-length dresses or evening pantsuits)

For Gentlemen: Dark suit or tux

formal evening wear for ladies
formal evening wear for a formal wedding

Black Tie
Black Tie usually indicates an evening affair where the men where and the women wear.

For Ladies: Formal gowns of any length

For Gentlemen: Tuxedos

wedding guest dreses for black tie wedding
wedding guest dreeses for black tie wedding

White Tie
This is the most formal of all wedding dress codes. We’re talking soirees at the White House kind of evenings. If only we could be so lucky as to attend one of these fabulous affairs!

For Ladies: Full-length ball gowns

For Gentlemen: Long-tail tuxedos

full length evening dresses for white tie wedding
full-length evening dresses for white tie wedding


How to Make Use of Bridesmaid Dresses again for Postpone Wedding?

Wedding postponed, and all bridesmaid girls already got bridesmaid dresses, then how to keep bridesmaid dresses available for a postpone wedding, especially the wedding postponed from summer to winter.

With this pandemic spread globally, lots of 2020 summer weddings are postponed to the 2021 winter wedding. In other words, almost everything is prepared for the wedding, the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses are already purchased. All dresses are for summer wedding of course, but getting married in December doesn’t mean big houses in the middle of an iceberg, there are options to do with the dress to reuse summer bridesmaid dresses for the winter wedding parties.

  1. Keep warm is the first important. A beautiful cover, jacket, knits, fur coat, there are lots of ways to keep warm but super romantic, it is an easy simple way and more suitable for the season.
beautiful cover for bridesmaid dresses
  • Make plan B if you worry about the rain, a transparent umbrella is the must-have one.
transparent umbrella for wedding
  • Wear a sweater or long sleeves underneath . Being winter and all, one thing we have in abundance is sweaters. Printed, woolly, slogan-ed, or plain, we’ve culminated quite the impressive range. Why not warm up a slip or strapless bridesmaid dresses by pairing them together?
  • Wear leggings or fleece-lined tights instead of regular tights. Fleece-lined tights are thicker than regular tights and, well, lined with fleece.
fleece-lined tights

Wear a slip to prevent the dress from sticking to your tights. We know soft light material easy to cling to tights. It’s kind of a messy look to have your dress clinging to you, but a slip should fix that. Plus, it’ll be an extra layer to keep you a bit warmer.

  • Wear tall boots to keep legs much warmer, you can also add boot socks to tall boots for even more warmth.
tall boots for a winter wedding


What Are Some Dressing Tips For Curvy Girls

Hey, curvy girls, need some useful style tips on getting dressed for daily life or party, read on these inspirations by the stylist and famous. 

Not all curvy girls are the same. Maybe you’re a triangle or an hourglass, a diamond or an oval, a figure eight or inverted triangle. Whatever your shape, find clothes that flatter your specific shape.

1. Semifitted styles that softly follow your curves and show off your waistline, like Beyonce’s wrap dress; Medium-weight knits and soft fabric will drape well.

Beyonce in Wrap Dresses

Other flattering silhouettes include sheaths, belted shirt dresses, and full skirts. Strike the right balance between fitted and too tight. You shouldn’t see lines of any undergarments through the dress—that’s when you know it’s too tight! 

A pencil skirt “To-the-knee” is the most flattering hemline on everyone. It elongates your curves and gives your body a good balance.

knee-length pencil skirt for curvy girls

Wide belts are your best styling friends if you don’t have enough time to dress. Throw a wide belt on to hide the extra fabric.

style with wide belts

And for a slimming effect, show some skin, expose legs or cleavage or low neckline found in an off-the-shoulder or strapless style. Knee-highs and thigh-highs elongate legs, add a certain kind of sass, and they make for a far quirkier outfit than your run-of-the-mill ankle socks.

off the shoulder long slit prom dresses for curvy girls

When in doubt, choose a fit and flare dress.

fit and flare prom dresses for curvy girls

AVOID anything either too loose or too fitted (including styles that cinch the waist too tightly) and high necklines.

Do shopping in the essential pieces even if you gain or lose a few pounds.

  • Every woman should have a shape-wear for a bit of cinching, smoothing and support sometimes. smoothing in the tummy and hips can make us look more refined and polished in our clothes.

Also, get a great bra and panties, nothing is worse than having the perfect outfit but not having the right foundation to pull it off. It is a lesson from plus-size supermodel Ashley Graham.

  • Pay attention to the line of your shoes, for no outfit is complete without the right shoes. Shoes with straps around the ankles will make legs look shorter, it is the shoes you should stay away. Instead, a classic pump in a neutral will give you the cleanest line and make your legs look longest.
classic pumps for curvy girls
  • Carry the right size of the bag that is proportioned to your body. If you can’t see the bag behind your hand, it is too small and not good.
  • Dressing clothes that fit and hang properly on your body can make a difference between terrible and terrific, so tailor your clothes; it will be your secret weapon. Dress your best party look in tailored style prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses at now, your complete guide to looking great.
  • Crop tops tend to look amazing on fuller-figured girls. Show off just the right amount of sexy curves that can definitely be empowering.
crop tops for curvy girls
  • You dont need to hide from your curves. Oversized clothes or dresses can actually make you look bigger than you are. Try to embrace your curves, youll find all clothes are actually more flattering.
  • Size is just a number and often aren’t consistent among brands. That’s the reason why size 14 is different between different brands. The most important thing is to wear clothes or dresses that fit and feel you look you’re very best at every size.

At Happyprom, you will get custom prom dresses, bridesmaid dresses made just for you according to your size measurement at a very affordable price. It will be very helpful to make a stunning step out at the party.


What Does Prom Dress Mean You Should Know?

Prom is a formal or semi-formal dance party at the end of the high school year. The prom itself is generally a much fancier version of a school dance party. it’s now a rite of passage in the social life of kids in North American and Europe. Girls going to prom dressing in fancy gowns in the limo together with friends. Then what does prom dress mean? It is a question when you ready to start hunting for that perfect prom dress?

The prom dress is an exercise in balancing different social tensions: the need to fit in, but also look like yourself; the need to look classic but also modern.  It’s important to familiarize yourself with the prom dress features to make the ultimate fashion statement. Knowing the meaning of all the latest and most common prom dress terms is key to unlocking a world of knowledge that not only makes finding that special prom dress more efficient, but it also makes it easier to identify all the right garment choices down the road.

The cut of a prom dress determines the shape of the garment, so it’s no surprise that this is a very important dress detail. Explore all of the prom dress styles to help to determine which styles are the most desirable for your personality and body type build up your fashion vocabulary and find that one-of-a-kind design.

A-line: “A” shape appearance, cinch the midline and gracefully angle out over the hips to flatter the figure. Many dresses for prom are a-line styles, complementing most body types.

A-line prom dresses KSP496
green A-line prom dresses Long KSP496

Ball Gowns: the style of princess,  feature-full, floor-length skirts and fitted in the bodice and cinched at the waist. It camouflages the hips and legs with voluminous layers of flowing fabric.

Red Satin Off Shoulder Full Length Prom Gowns KSP456
red off the shoulder ball gowns KSP456

Shift Dresses: It is an ultra-comfortable option with a relaxed fit. The fabric of a shift dress drapes softly out over the body from the neckline to the hem, are often casual and cut to give the appearance of a long shirt. Shift sundresses are a wonderful choice for outdoor parties and picnics, while shift dresses with glitzy details are ideal for moving with ease at a prom party.

Mermaid dresses for prom: A mermaid-style prom dress hugs the body from the bodice down to the knees, before flaring out in a dramatic cut that exaggerates the figure. The idea of a mermaid’s tail makes the design easier to visualize, perfect for hourglass body shape. And a short mermaid prom dresses are for girls who are not tall enough.

 Off Shoulder Red Lace Short Mermaid Prom Dresses KSP492
short red mermaid prom dresses KSP492

Fit-and-flare: gently hug the body, cinch the natural waistline, and then angle out dramatically around the hips. Usually cut above the knee, this dress style augments the curves by adding the look of volume to the lower half of the body.

Applique Pink Mermaid Prom Dresses with Train KSP566

Sheath Dresses: Like a sheath to a knife, a sheath dress fits closely to the body. The fabric of a sheath dress gently hugs the curves from the bodice to the hemline, flaunting the figure. Sheath dresses are a popular style for cocktail party dresses.

Bodycon Dresses: Hugging every part of the body with a smooth fabric, bodycon dresses are an amazing way to highlight the silhouette. Bodycon dresses are short and snug, making them a great choice for parties or date nights.

Cute Sequin One Shoulder Bodycon Short White Grade Dress KSP396

Peplum: Dresses fit the bodice, but flares out in a layer at the natural waist is a peplum dress. This dress style camouflages the midriff while allowing the rest of the design to hug the curves. Peplum dresses accentuate the figure while providing a look that is totally unique.

Peplum Purple Short Flounced Skirt For Prom Party KSP192

Two-piece: prom dresses in two pieces style are as fun as prom fashion gets. This untraditional style features a flirty top-and-skirt combo to highlight the waist. Two-piece prom dresses are the ideal choice for making a girly statement and looking fantastic with both long and short skirts.

Rhinestone Applique Illusion Lace Two Pieces LRD KSP529


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