Prom Dress VS Wedding Dress

Prom Dresses VS wedding dresses, what is the difference?

prom dress vs wedding dress

Prom dress and wedding dress are types of dresses that girls or women wearing on special occasion parties. I’ve seen very bridal-looking prom dresses, and I’ve seen very prom-looking wedding dresses too. In other word, can you wear a prom dress as your wedding dress, what the differences and how to distinguish them?

bridal look prom dresses at Happyprom

 There are beautiful $300 wedding dress and $1400 gorgeous prom gowns, so obviously price is not the difference.

prom dress and wedding dress

Prom is a major event in students’ school life, getting perfect dreamy prom dress is a must. These dresses usually come as a gown or a cocktail dress style. Short prom dresses are more acceptable these years than before. Prom dress tend to be more colorful, navy blue, black, red, pink, white are popular color choice of prom dress.

dreamy prom dresses

On the other hand, a wedding dress is the gown which the bride would wear during her wedding ceremony. Color of wedding dresses in general are a variant shade of white (white/ Ivory / Cream).

wedding dresses

But wedding gowns’ color and style may vary from culture to culture, however white is the most commonly used wedding gown color. And white prom gowns are choice of many girls too. With some wearing tips, you can wear white prom dress without bridal-looking.

BTW, cheap beautiful prom dress is a GREAT way to save money on wedding dress if you are planning a budget wedding, or if you don’t want a traditional wedding dress.

It is difficult to tell their difference I think, they are both important things. The only difference I think is whether the label says prom dress or wedding dress on it.   If you tell them you want a non-white dress though, they’ll probably agree that you’re much more likely to find something in the prom section when shopping local store.

So, wear what you feel good in! It’s your wedding dress, no one else’s’, and your prom party, just make sure your prom dress is allowed by your school prom rule.


Cutout Prom Dresses

Cutout prom dresses can be sexy, but they can also be really unflattering if they are not done correctly.

cutout prom dresses

Attending the prom is the red-carpet moment for any young woman, so make it count. And the memorable night all start with finding your perfect prom dress, beautiful, well-fitting prom dress.

beautiful and fit prom dresses with cut out details

A right prom dress brings confidence to its wearer, it also shows personality and fashion attitude, and ushers in the opportunity for a magic evening.

The perfect prom dresses that will make you stand out at the party must be the ones flows the lines of your body. Think showstopping glamour and irresistible cut out prom dresses, you will look more sophisticated and feminine if you choose right cutout style.

In general, cutout look more sophisticated when they are placed at or above the line of your natural waist, otherwise they will make even the most expensive dress look totally trashy.

Cutout from clever back details to peek-a-boo shoulder also high slit, it shows just the right amount of skin. Subtle cutouts are nice alternatives to the more traditional plunging neckline and va-va-woom of backless.

cutout styles

No matter clever back details, or low back about showing you back, both are look very elegant even when they go below your natural waist. Done it in the right way, it’s classic, feminine and totally wearable to senior girls.

subtle back cutouts prom dresses

Whether you’re a Hollywood A-lister or just someone hoping to spice up your style game, there’s never been a better moment to consider revealing a little skin with cutouts on top of dress or at the hemline which is the new way to wear a maxi for more airiness.

Highlight your curves with confidence and show some skin this prom season by incorporating any of these cut out strategic, make sure you are ready to hit the dance floor.

The search starts and ends right


How to Pick a Prom Dresses Color That Flatter Your Skin Tone?

Get Prom Dresses Color Inspirations From Famous Celebrities

Find the best prom dresses color to wear for your skin tone is not as tricky as you think. Color is the number one most important thing to me when it comes to styling. There’s something comforting about an all-black outfit, it looks great on everyone, easy to wear, it’s considered timeless. But what about all the other colors out there? Especially the vibrant shades we frequently spot celebrities wearing so well.

The first we want to know if the color of year is my color. The colors of year 2021 is Ultimate Grey and Illuminating yellow. Get ready for the “Get the color of the year look!”

Color of Year 2021

Ultimate gray is kind of gray of wisdom and intelligence and construction, it is a more solid, granite-like gray, a determinedly neutral kind of gray. And Illuminating Yellow is the color combination presses us forward, it is a smiley face yellow. It has been popping up everywhere.

How to pick your 2021 prom dresses color? Consider the color of the year or not. The first thing is studying your skin tone and figure out what’s going to look best and helping you stand out in a crowd and radiate from the inside out

The key to find your most flattering prom dresses color starts with your skin tone. Our skin tone can be grouped into three categories: warm, cool and neutral. Every skin tone looks best with certain colors, as well as those people should avoid. The easiest way is to find a celebrity who has same skin tone as you to get inspirations.

You’re warm skin tone people if you are a greenish or yellowish, or Olive complexions undertones.

Your go-to colors come from cool color family: warmer greens and blues.

Consider these cool colors as your 2021 prom dress color: Olive, deeper turquoise, green moss, fern, pesto, and magenta, orchid shades.

Also, some colors from Neutrals worth to have a try: Taupe, hot chocolate, creamy whites, winter wheat, and latte.

And these colors from warm color palette: Oranges, Red, Golden, Yellow, Amber, and honey gold

See the yellow, color of year 2021 can be your prom dress color if you are warm skin tone.

Prom Dreses Colors for Warm Skin Tone

Avoid these colors as warm skin tone person: Icy shades and jeweled tones;

Get inspirations from these celebrities: Jennifer Lopez, Katie Holmes, Jessica Alba, and Beyoncé.

Famous Celebrities with Warm Skin Tone

You’re cool skin tone person if you are a bluish undertone. It can also range from very fair to very dark.

Your go-to colors from warm color family: Shocking pink, cerise, ruby, and bright rose.

Also, these neutrals color: Gray, navy and pristine white.

And, Bright blue, royal blue, sapphire, emerald, amethyst, deep purples, lavender, and lilac snow。

Prom Dresses Colors for Cool Skin Tone

Avoid these colors as cool skin tone people: Orange and yellow.

See, yellow again, so I am afraid that yellow color is not your prom dress color if you are cool skin tone person.

Get inspirations from these celebrities: Lupita Nyong’o, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Viola Davis, and Lucy Liu.

Famous Celebrities with Cool Skin Tone

You have neutral skin tone if you can’t tell if you’re warm or cool. Most neutrals have hazel eyes, because they tend to change depending on what color they wear.

Your go-to colors are neutral colors that fall in the middle of the color spectrum. Consider light peach, dusty pinks, soft rose, peony pink, placid blue, jade green, and cameo green.

And also, these colors are worth to try: Taupe, gray, off white.

Prom Dresses Colors for Neutral Skin Tone

Avoid these colors: anything too bright or vibrant that can overwhelm, along with reds and yellows.

If you still want to try yellow as it is the color of year 2021, then try a soft version like cornsilk or buff.

Get inspirations from these celebrities: Amal Clooney, Kerry Washington, Angelina Jolie, Rachel McAdams, and Julia Roberts.

Famous Celebrities with Neutral Skin Tone

Of course, the NO.1 rule of choosing prom dress is that there are no rules, take these suggestion and wear whatever you feel comfortable and confident.

2021 Prom Dresses

BTW, if you want to update your wardrobe, add some colors, these color tips can be used too.


Prom Dresses 2021 Trends

Prom dresses 2021 trends here for you to get the right look and style for your big night. For prom is one of the occasions one never wants to miss out on and want to dress your best. It is the day to celebrate and also a memory to reminisce for a lifetime. You certainly deserve to look your absolute best after a long time of studying your life away.

Prom Party
Celebrate Prom Party

Prom dress has to be a reflection of your personality. If you love a classic look, show off your taste in a classic cut, color, and long dress. While, if you are a daring girl, you’ll look gorgeous in a prom gown style featuring the trend of the year.

There is no question that 2020 is a different year, our life is changed, it is no the greatest year for anyone, so why not look ahead to the exciting times to come? Now it’s the best time to be looking for spring prom dresses. Where to start looking? Start with the 2021 prom dresses trends.

The styles trends of prom dresses 2021 are ball gown and mermaid silhouette:

Ball gown prom dresses characterized by being that fairytale princess dress. It’s the ideal choice for girls with curves. It disguises the hips and accentuate the overall figure with fitted waist and a voluminous skirt. It is a never out of style prom dress style. For those who want the princess look, you can never go wrong with a ball gown prom dress.

There are lots of ball gowns include pockets, which makes them perfect for toting your wallet and lipstick around without the need for a purse.

Look for a prom ball gown in a sweet pastel color if you want your prom dresses 2021 to evoke a charming look, you’re guaranteed to be the belle of the ball! With some embellished prom ball gown, you will feel like a Disney princess about to go to the dance with a prince.

Ball Gown Prom Dresses 2021
Ball Gown Prom Dresses 2021

Mermaid prom dresses synonymous with glamour, elegance, and sensuality. it manages to highlight your best attributes while keeping it modest. Ideal for Women with hourglass and triangular-shaped figures.

You can find your mermaid prom dresses from a range of fabrics with embellishments and sequins. And mermaid prom dress with bare shoulder neckline is one of the big fashion trends loved by fashionistas.

And also, V shape neckline mermaid prom dresses consists of an elegant and a trendy alternative. It is characterized by being a deep neckline style with a daring silhouette. This type of dress helps to highlight the area of the clavicle, considered one of the sexiest and feminine regions of every woman. It is an ideal neckline for most girls.

Mermaid Prom Dresses 2021
Mermaid Prom Dresses 2021

The colors trends of prom dresses 2021 include black, red and blue:

Black, is introduced to the world on ‘20S by Coco Chanel as a fashion color. Now black is capable of providing elegance, sensuality, and sophistication. Black prom dresses are exceptional and timeless. It is easily stand out against other colors. It is a never wrong color if you can’t decide your prom dresses color.

Black Prom Dresses 2021
Black Prom Dresses 2021

Red, is another perfect color option for prom dresses 2021, a series of red prom dresses 2021 from classic red to red with orange tones. It is the ideal shade for girls with a lot of attitude and confidence. To capture the prom look, go for glamours and elegant streamline silhouettes. 

The color red comes in a variety of different shades, so even if bright red isn’t for you, then you’ll be able to find maybe a darker red that is more your type of color instead. This color looks especially good in slimmer dresses -It is a very luxurious color to wear that will compliment anyone- The shades of red that are scarlet and ruby would look especially good in satin.

Take inspiration from the Red-carpet events for hair and make-up and all you need to do is style it with the perfect accessory.

Red Prom Dresses 2021
Red Prom Dresses 2021

Blue, blue prom dresses are extremely popular each year, and this coming season is no exception. There is array of shades so you can find the perfect blue prom dress or blue homecoming dress for you.

Prom dresses with figure flattering A-line silhouettes, flowing chiffon skirts, and sweetheart necklines in pastel blues, sky blue, and light blue give off a sweet or dainty feel.

While darker navy-blue prom gowns with a deeper tint give off a sense of sophistication.
If you are looking for a chic and elegant gown, try a figure hugging fitted dress with a flowing train to give you a regal air, or a flattering mermaid style that will emphasize your curves.

Blue Prom Dresses 2021
Blue Prom Dresses 2021

Glitter Dresses Will Make You Stand Out in a Crowd

Glitter dresses not just popular on the runway, it’s also going to be very popular for prom dresses 2021, it can be available on any style of prom dress, and you can control how much glitter you exactly want on your perfect dress for the prom.

Add Beaded embroidery details. Nothing is wrong with the plain ones, but having some embroidery touch ups in a fully beaded gown is on trend and will make you look stunning.

A prom dress with details of glitter has become ideal for girls who love the sophisticated. The use of sparkling elements brings a total touch of glamor to any gown.

Glitter Prom Dresses 2021
Glitter Prom Dresses 2021

Illustrious Illusion prom dresses are the must have one

Illusion designs let you show a little bit of skin but still give off a sophisticated and glamorous vibe.
The illusion comes through with delicate lace or beaded accents that bring some dazzle to the gown. These designs can be either body-conscious styles or fit-and-flare feels. Illusion gowns are both trendy and classic at the same time – a great goal for a prom dress.

Illusion Prom Dresses 2021
Illusion Prom Dresses 2021

Prom dresses 2021 following prom dresses 2021 trends are here to rock your prom. They will let you flaunt that Queen-vibe of yours with pride and utmost elegance. Get ready to have a lovely shopping experience with classic and voguish dresses petite to plus size that are available at the best prices from Happyprom now. Our prom dresses are in a full range of styles to flatter every girl, 50+ colors option, trending styles and unique custom design and made service with the best quality without breaking the bank.


How to Dress for Garden Wedding?

What is a garden Wedding?

Garden wedding is a wedding ceremony takes place in a beautiful garden. It is popular choice for couples who have a great love for closing to nature. And also, it is choice of couple who are having wedding during pandemic.

Garden weddings naturally have a slightly more relax feel, they can still be just as glamorous, creative and stylish as any indoor wedding. With colorful flowers and verdant foliage as the backdrop, it’s no wonder garden wedding are so romantic.

Pretty Garden Wedding Party

What is the best month to have an outdoor wedding?

Plan an outdoor garden wedding, know what weather is forecasted for your wedding day, make sure to give your out-of-town guests whatever wardrobe and travel tips they need to be prepared, and always have a plan B for bad weather backup plan, for example putting a tent rental on hold, or just having lots of umbrellas on hand.

These are the riskiest months for an outdoor wedding are January, February, and March, they’re smack in the middle of winter with the highest likelihood of inclement weather. Rather, June, September, and October are the most popular and best wedding months to say “I DO”. They have mild, temperate weather with a lower risk of rain, snow, or super-high heat or humidity

How to dress yourself for a garden wedding party?

As a bride, a fashion-forward bride, dress yourself with a floral print wedding dress to really make a statement on the big day. But if you’re after something a little more laid back and understated for your subtle affair, why not give one of these more casual styles a go.

Or a perfect strapless wedding dress so you don’t need to worry about any sweat stains or feeling like you can’t breathe if the temperature is a bit on the warmer side. Its train is long enough that it won’t get caught on any terrain, you will be just as elegant as you would be if you were inside.

The terrain might be different and, depending where you have your wedding, wedding dresses style might have to change, However, it’s not an issue at all. In truth, anything goes.

Garden Wedding Dresses

Bridesmaid girls, dress them in long, flowing dresses for an ethereal and romantic look. Long bridesmaid dresses in dusty blue, grey, green, blush colors are perfect for garden wedding. Also, neutral color is your choice for mix-and-match style group bridesmaid dresses for garden wedding.

Garden wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

A floral tie for the Groom fits right with garden wedding styles. He looks preppy and causal.

Groom with Floral Tie

As wedding guests who are going to a garden wedding, floral print dresses are natural choice; Pastel and ruffles always romantic; Maxi dresses and sundresses go with the relax wedding vibe; And lace wedding guest dresses never go wrong.

Dresses for Garden Wedding Guests


Fall in Love with These Little Black Dresses [+Checklist]

Little black dresses are the same item of clothing worn by Audrey Hepburn, Angelina Jolie and Victoria Beckham. Sophisticated, understated and elegant with minimal effort, little black dress tocks every style box there is.

LBD suits absolutely everybody and can be worn to any event out there. It’s always stays fashionable and trendy year after year. Pack a little black dress into your holiday suitcase, and you’re all set for a variety of different vacation outfit options no matter what the season.

Think of all the styling options – here is some essential little black dresses that can carry you straight from the office right to the club. Check these best dresses to get you started on your journey into fabulous LBDs.

The Bodycon Convertible Dress

Black has the magical ability to make us appear slimmer and even taller than we are. Wearing little black dresses draw the focus away from any bumps or bulges on your body.

We can see this basic design becoming a favorite in your closet. It can be worn into one shoulder or off-the shoulder neckline as you wish. It hugs your body very well, dress it up with sparkly jewels and stilettos for clubbing with your girlfriends. It can be different style with different jewelries, modern, elegant, or cool for different occasion.


Convertible bodycon little black dresses KSP555
Convertible bodycon little black dresses KSP555

The Sweet, Playful Date Lace Little Black Dresses

This lacy little black dress is demure while still showing a suggestive bit of skin. It has the sheer mesh sleeves along the off the shoulder neckline the fit is fit and flare and utterly feminine with lace material – just perfect for a fun, easygoing day date with that special someone. So, you want something sexy but still classy? Look no further than a lacy LBD.

Pair it with classic ballet pumps or white sneaker for a cute, youthful look.

lace little black dresses KSP570
lace little black dresses KSP570

The Femme Fatale Date Dress

This vintage black satin A-line dress undoubtedly seductive, sensual.

This one packs a powerful punch: a sleek, off-the-shoulder neckline that leads to a big V.

The A-line silhouette design is sure to fit everybody, get you elegant to keep your accessories light and minimal with your hair and makeup understated.

satin little black dresses
Satin little black dresses

The Classic ‘Audrey Hepburn’ LBD

If it’s class, elegance and sophistication you’re after, this LBD could fit easily. It can be treated as wedding guest dresses with a bling waistband, or it can be worn to office with a blazer or cardigan.

How to style it depends on your taste and the occasion. But basic black sandals and barely-there jewelry never go wrong. Let the dress’s quiet mystique speak for itself.

classic LBD
Clssicl little black dresses

The Sexy Yet Sweet White and Black Dress

Sequin white and black Lace Bandage Bodycon Dress, if you want something special but sexy, this dress is the one.

A mini black skirt billows out from a fitted empire waistline, but it’s the white sequin bodice that catches the eye. A beautiful sweetheart cuts, the bodice in irregular piece add a modern effect. This look is the ideal flirty wedding ensemble.

sexy little black dresses
sexy short white and black dresses

One shoulder LBD for New Year’s Eve

This one Shoulder little black dresses with extra cape back for fancy celebrations.

This one-shoulder ruffled style strikes the perfect balance between frivolous and formal.

It’s also perfect for showing slim waist – the extra chiffon down from the shoulder ensures a fancy appearance as well as extra volume around the hips to tone down larger thighs.

one shoulder little black dresses
Onel shoulder little black dress

The Timeless Dotted Lace Dress

Been invited to a snazzy black-tie dinner or even a gala charity event? You won’t go wrong with a dotted lace umbrella dress into any era in history – from the formal 1920s to the ultra-modern present-day.

This silhouette and satin ribbon ties together create perfect body ratio. Pretty patterned sandals add a nice, unexpected dash of color to this otherwise monochrome look. Red lips and side waves modern girls is the first sight into mind when see this dress.

vintage dotted lace little black dresses
vintage lace dotted black dresses

The Must-Have Ladylike Dress

This LITTLE BLACK DRESS is skater silhouette with high illusion neck, Sure, it may be an LBD, but with its asymmetric length, the effect is classic and slightly trendier.

Maintain that cool modern effect by keeping jewelry to an absolute minimum. The same goes for your hair and makeup – a simple high ponytail and nude lips provide all the styling that this stunner needs.

must have skater short black party dresses
skater little black dress


Best Wedding Ideas for A Small Intimate Affair

Small weddings are quite common. Having a small wedding gives you the ability to get really creative with themes, seating charts, allow you more personal touch that truly reflects you and your love, and create a relaxing and enjoyable environment for everyone.

small intimate wedding party
small intimate wedding party

You may have heard the term ‘intimate wedding’ being tossed around lately. Especially when you take into consideration needing to reduce guest counts to comply with government restrictions around weddings and staying safe! It is also choice as couples seek to maximize their budgets without minimizing their experiences.

Wedding with guest counts between 20 and 75 are generally consider “intimate”. Different with elopements, intimate affairs refer to more formalized events with an itinerary and more events.

How to make your small wedding feel special, what can you do for a small intimate wedding?

Having a smaller guest list means you have more freedom to spend your budget. Remember to splurge wisely on what important to you. It can be the flowers, the food or the venue, just make sure it is important to you and your partner. And there are endless options to make your intimate wedding special. For example, hire a food truck instead of a full-blown catering service, have your local bakery make you a really special, personalized cake, get creative with our party favors.

Fewer people mean you can skip the formal invitations, just call each of your guest personally to invite them, or send handwritten letters, or the trendy invitation- acrylic wedding invitations that your guests are not likely to have seen before.

Golden acrylic wedding invitations
Golden acrylic wedding invitations

Choosing a nontraditional venue that meaningful to the couple, like a coffee shop or library where the couple first met. It will make the day even more sentimental and meaningful.

hotel suites that have beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces, gardens, a small vineyard, nightclubs, art galleries, and also family homes could prove to be a photo-worthy location.

Prefer great outdoor wedding, an abandoned rustic barnyard, woodland tree house, exclusive beach, they all make a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding photos.

Want a more casual reception with some delicious comfort food, then invite friends and family over for a backyard BBQ wedding.

Woodland tree small wedding
Small woodland wedding

Instead of a white gown, non-traditional colored wedding dresses for a non-traditional approach. Wearing something unique and pairing it with beautiful flower bouquet to celebrate your personality. And don’t forget bridesmaid dress for your girls. They are also one of the beautiful sights of your wedding. Match it and custom made it online is the best way to keep beautiful and health at same time

Non-traditional wedding dresses
Bridesmaid dresses for non-traditional wedding dresses

Enhance the evening with extra funds with hiring a live music, a quarter or pianist to play throughout the night; A fantastic photographer to capture the moments you treasure most- the laughter, the tears, and the clinking glasses.

Personalize every details of the menu, set each place with handwritten menus. Upgrading dinner to an indulgent seven-course meal, complete with fine wines and spirits. Or to have a to-die-for menu, hire a food truck that serve dishes fresh woodfired pizza, falafel, street tacos, ice cream, or serve hors duoverse during a cocktail hour. Just be sure to attain the proper licenses and legal paperwork from your vendor ahead of time.

When it comes to the reception, instead of multiple tables, seat everyone at a long estate table or at a U-shaped setup, that will make everyone feel like family. Rather than struggling through the seating chart, allow guests to choose their own seat for a family-style meal.

Fewer seat makes it easier to get creative with seating format, it could be poufs, picnic blankets, alternating chairs and pews.

seating plan for small wedding party
seating ideas for small wedding

Go hyper-custom and keep design in mind from each detailed item to the design of the space, give your guests a memorable experience with personalized touches. With lights, plants, fabrics and anything else to create an relax and intimate ambience, for example use individual flower petals as place cards. The only limit is your imagination.

Incorporate family heirlooms like vintage china and silver, or hand-embroidered napkins into your wedding décor is the best way to personalize your wedding and connect with your family.

No matter how to design the space, make sure your guests have enough elbow room at their place setting, easy communicate with their dining partners. Treat them to the most beautiful china, special surprises at their seats and monogrammed linens. Set a comfy lounge area or fire pit for everyone to gather around and make all of your guests feel right at home.

set up comfty space for intimate wedding
comfty space set up

Plan events around the wedding, keep everyone entertained. Fun group games are necessary to encourage them to socialize. Consider giant outdoor Jenga, a photo booth, dance performance, or a fun scavenger hunt, and even murder mystery game. Price for the winner is the must.

Be sure to take group photos

It is also the reason why you should hire a photographer. Have guests stand together outside the venue or ask your photographer to get an aerial shot of you and your guests standing in a heart shape.

Host an afterparty

Not ready to stop the celebration, consider the afterparty at your favorite dive bar or grab a late-night snack and some drinks after the reception is over

Make your guests feel special by personal welcome gift

Drop off brunch boxes the night of the wedding for the next morning, or leave special messages in their rooms.

Opt for an unusual guest book

A giant globe or map, a block from a Jenga game for guests to sign. Or float a few Polaroid cameras for guests to snap at-will for a visual guest book.

Unusual wedding guest books
special wedding guest books


Chic Bridesmaid Dresses Matching Every Wedding Color Palette

Let’s be honest, bridesmaid dress also important to a wedding party. When ordering bridesmaid dresses, we not only need to consider the style for different body shapes and skin tone of bridesmaid dresses, but also color of the bridesmaid dresses. They help set the tone of the whole wedding same as wedding decorations.

There is always a balance between what is trending, and what you want the dresses to look like. If you are struggling with decide colors of your girls’ dresses, here are top 6 colors to match every wedding palette for you to consider.

1.  Dusty Sage Bridesmaid Dress

As a neutral colour, this soft, whisper of a green is a fresh alternative to blush or champagne color. It is a trending colour in the bridesmaid dresses loved by bride and her girls. It looks gorgeous on everyone, compliments every skin tone and hair color, and it pairs well with any season.

Sage green bridesmaid dresses go well with almost accent colour, it meaning your decorating process will be that much easier.

And when it comes to photographs, sage green bridesmaid dress looks stunning. It is a timeless colour, you’ll love looking back at in photos.

Dusty Sage Bridemaid Dresses Long KSP550

2.  Wine Coloured Bridesmaid Dresses

Wine colors suits any style and design of bridesmaid dresses, brides and bridesmaids can’t resist the elegant look of wine bridesmaid dresses.

Perfect Wine colour shade including Maroon, Merlot, Cognac and burgundy. Give your wedding a warm welcome with the best selection of wine coloured bridesmaid dresses

Wine coloured bridesmaid dress is good for almost all wedding themes and wedding season with different style and length. Such as maxi draped bridesmaid dresses for an elegant wedding, short wine coloured bridesmaid dresses for vintage style, rustic or barn wedding party.

BTW, wine coloured bridesmaid dresses don’t need too many accessories, because this colour is very eye-catching in in itself.

Your girl needs an elegant wine coloured bridesmaid dress not a messy one.

Long Wine Coloured Bridesmaid Dresses KSP554

3. Muted Blush Dresses for Bridesmaids

An array of blush is the color of choice when looking for something that will perfectly portray a romantic and sensitive vibe

We didn’t leave pretty in pink behind in the ‘80s’, blush bridesmaid dresses are the natural fit and pastel pinks bridesmaid dresses are a tried and true classic. The light pink-hued dresses remain everywhere wedding-related.

It makes sense that the charming color would stick around in the wedding world. Blush in particular works well for wedding attire. It is muted, elegant and fits into large variety of wedding colors palettes. There is perhaps no other color more than muted blush that associate more with love and romance.

Muted Blush Bridesmaid Dresses Two Pieces KSP553

4. Forest Green Bridesmaid Dress

Forest green has a dark green finish that resembles the color of woodland trees and plants. It is a dark, cool, coal black with a raven undertone.

Rich emerald is a sumptuous shade for and outdoor, fall wedding, while enchanted forest green wants to be modern and amazing that are going strong this year.

Forest Green Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses KSP544

5. Glittering Gold Bridesmaid Dress

Want a bit of sparkle on the wedding day? One of our favorite ways to dazzle guests with your wedding is with glittering gold sequin bridesmaid dresses, whether it’s featured on a luxe velvet or with all -over sequin. With glittering golden bridesmaid dress, girls will lift up the whole vibe and offer an extra dose of festive spirit on the big day.

Glittering gold bridesmaid dresses look perfect to go with the ivory or white wedding dresses, no matter the length or neckline style is. Brides will look prettier and radiant.

Glittering Gold Bridesmaid Dresses KSP476

6. Jewel Tone Bridesmaid Dresses

Jewel tone bridesmaid dresses are bright and colorful, and inspired by jewels like emeralds, rubies, sapphires and amethysts.

Rich jewel tone bridesmaid dresses are hot trend, they add a gorgeous shot of color and are perfect for any season wedding. If you want to have your bridesmaids feel their best, it is the dress.

It doesn’t get any prettier than these deep amethyst bridesmaid dresses! Jewel tone shades create such a gorgeous contrast with the bride’s white gown! We love how these ‘maids chose different styles, but all in the same purple shade.

Jewel tone bridesmaid dresses are best ideas of mix and match bridesmaid dresses.

Jewel Tone Bridesmaid Dresses KSP564


What Is Turtle Neck?

Different countries have different names for the turtle neck. Turtle neck is most commonly used in the US and Canada, but in England it may be called both polo or a roll neck. And in Australia, it is sometimes called “skivvy”.

Turtle neck are not uniform for the undesirable, turtle necks are extremely versatile and can be worn so many ways.

Types of Turtle necks and how to style them:

There are 4 different types of turtlenecks, let’s go over these and learn how to style them.

  1. The classic style turtle neck, it is usually thin, tight0fitting with slim neck.

It is always used as layering pieces for a classy yet warm look, such as tuck a black classic turtleneck into a skirt, then paired with tights or jeans, so extremely chic.

And if you can’t let the dress or jumpsuit for summer go of, layer a classic turtle underneath it, here you go.

  •  The cowl necks are usually thicker, and more loose fitting with big and long exaggerated necks that can be folded or left to hang loose. They are like built-in scarfs. Compare to classic turtle, cowl necks have a more casual look.

Dress cowl neck by pairing them with a pair of jeans or a min-skirt for more casual look. And at last finish the look off with comfy sneakers.

  • The funnel/ mock neck, it is small turtle which is shorter than classic turtle neck. They usually end about halfway up the neck (never reaching the ears). Some are thick and chunky, while others are light and paper-thin. Nonetheless, they give off a slightly more elegant look than the cowl and classic neck.

Pairing funnel neck with a simple pair of jeans or pants, have your hair up in a messy bun for a simple and elegant look. And you can also tucking the funnel neck into a cute or edgy skirt to make an interesting outfit.

4. The turtle neck dress

When we talk turtle necks, we immediately think of sweaters and jumpers. But in fact there is an extremely chic alternative- the turtleneck version of sweater dress, and party dresses.

You can also dress them up with a pair of boots/ sneaker and heels, it’s up to you and the occasion.

Are turtle neck in style 2021 and how do you use a turtle neck?
Due to the various turtle neck styles, it can be used on both sweater, dress and base shirt. It is warm and elegant underneath a shirt, a blouse, a blazer. You can match it with mini skirt, jeans and also pants. Comfortable and easy to wear and match, so I am sure turtle neck will in style 2021.

Upgrade your wardrobe with a turtleneck sweater, a simple black turtle neck shirt. Or if you are going to attend your prom party or a wedding as bridesmaid, consider turtleneck prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses now.

turtle neck prom dresses
turtle prom dresses at Happyprom
turtle neck bridesmaid dresses
turtle bridesmaid dresses at Happyprom


Prom Dresses VS Bridesmaid Dresses

While trying on bridesmaid dresses, we always were thrown out the “it reminds me more of a prom dress than a bridesmaid dresses”, and also on some wedding forum, we also seen some comment “it looks too much like a prom dress” in response to some of bridesmaid dresses ideas posts.

Do you know what classifies a prom dress VS bridesmaid dresses? It seems that simple or classic prom dresses have the similar or same design and style as classic bridesmaid dresses. And you will find prom dresses in fabrics like chiffon or lace and bridesmaid dresses with ornate details, such as sequins, applique, embroidery, beading and rhinestones.

beautiful mermaid bridesmaid dresses
gorgeous mermaid bridesmaid dresses

In my opinion, prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses are identical with a few differences. First and most importantly, prom dress is a formal dress worn to a prom and the other is a formal dress worn to a wedding. Both prom dress and bridesmaid dress can be ugly or beautiful depending on the dress style.

Prom dresses tend to be trendy, to be more decorative and different, while bridesmaid dresses are more classic and elegant, usually more settle so the eye won’t be on them, but on the bride. Although, I’ve seen many girls reuse their bridesmaid dresses as prom dress or prom dress as bridesmaid dresses.

Bridesmaid dresses are used to enhance brides’ looks, they’re not supposed to take attention away from the bride, so most bridesmaid dresses aren’t as frilly or embellished as prom dresses. But some just fine prom dresses can be used as bridesmaid dresses.

simple prom dresses
simple prom dresses KSP517

Although, the wearer usually picks out the prom dress and has little or no choice about the bridesmaid dress.

However, bridesmaid dresses tend to be more conservative because of the occasion. prom dresses can be more fun/sexy/flashy. If it fits the occasion though you can use whatever dress you like!

prom dresses vs bridesmaid dresses
prom dresses vs bridesmaid dresses


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