What Type of Prom Dresses Are Flattering on Curvy Girls?

How to style plus size prom dress to redefine your curves?

Prom is one of the most cherish memory to a girl. Everything from shoes to dress and the hair, the make up should be perfect. A perfect flattering prom dress is the easiest way to make you feel happy and confidence about yourself for the big dance. When you look amazing in your prom dress, you’ll feel amazing and it’s a sure way to have the best night of your life.

But it doesn’t mean it will be very stressful to choose the flattering dress as a curve girl. Let’s start to get to know yourself and stop pretending to be someone you are not. There are some great designs and styles available for plus-size girls. Just find it and wear it, that’s all.

Know our body, love it and hug it, beautiful girls come in all shapes and sizes, it’s no secret. Our body is beautiful, there is no need to afraid to show it off. You can dress well by choosing clothes that flatter your figure and accentuate your best features no matter plus size or petite. We all need to know about how to get dressed well with style, color and prints, embellishment to enhance our look. And then complete it with the right accessories.

Plus size prom dresses don’t have to be shapeless and sad. Check these useful suggestions for plus size girls to celebrate their curves in the best ways. These tips from experienced stylists might give you a steer in the right direction when choosing your Plus size prom dresses

  1. Shop as early as you can

    The earlier you start to shopping, the more choice you have no matter shopping online or local store. Seeing and trying on more dresses is the best way to help you pick up the perfect style for yourself.

  2. Pick a style you are happy with

    Don’t feel forced to pick a dress just because it’s in stock in your size. Shopping online will be your replacement if you can’t find the one in local store.

  3. Don’t be afraid to embrace your curves

    Pick dresses that are the correct size and fit you well. Here we must to know the right difference between fitted and too tight. You should not see the lines of any undergarments through the dress, otherwise it’s too tight.

  4. Identify your body shape Correctly

    accentuate the best features to draw people’s eyes to what makes you beautiful.
    Love your legs, show them with a side slit prom dress, proud of your curve, avoid shapeless dress that hide your figure. Accentuate your waist with both thick or thin belt. Want to elongate your legs, pick high waist or empire waist prom dress.

  5. If you want to create a slimming effect, go darker in heavier areas to minimize part of your body you want to slim out

    Such as use black and navy-blue color to create a slimmer look. Or opt for vertical lines or noticeable pleats that draw the eye down the body.
     Incorporate bright colors into your prom outfits to draw attention to your best parts. for example, you might wear a bright belt to draw attention to your narrow waist.

  6. Don’t allow the wrong jewelry, shoes, belt and bag ruin your overall look

    Carry a right size bag that is proportioned to your body to balance out your body.
    Pay attention to your prom shoes. Your prom outfit is not complete without a pair of right shoes. A classic neutral color pump will give you the cleanest line and make your legs look longer. Avoiding shoes with straps around the ankles that will make your legs shorter.

  7. A shapewear and right underwear are necessary

    This is universal. A little bit of cinching, smoothing in the tummy and hips, and other support can make us look more refined and polished in our prom dress. What you put underneath the dress is so important and can change how the dress looks on you. Make sure you pick out underwear and shapewear that fits perfectly, offers the right support and gives you the most flattering silhouette.

  8. Tailor your prom dress. A custom made prom dress will be your strongest weapon

    Wearing prom dress that fit and hang properly on your body is the easiest way to make you happy and feel confident.

  9. When in doubt, reach for a pencil skirt style dress

    To-the-knee length is the most flattering hemline on everyone. It elongates your curves and gives your body golden ration.

One of the most important details to consider is the silhouette of the dress. It defines the outline of your figure more prominently. Identify your body shape is the first step to finding the most flattering prom dresses silhouette for curvy girls. The style should highlight the best features on your body, not just about the trendy.

How to determine your plus size body shape to find the most flattering clothes? It’s time to focus on how to measure your body size to get you to confirm what works for your body based on each shape’s characteristics.

Hourglass, Pear, Apple (Inverted triangle), Banana (Rectangular) are the typical types of women’s body shapes. A study over 6,000 women of the shape of women’s apparel showed that 46% is Banana (Rectangular), over 20% are Pear, just under 14% are Apple (Inverted triangle), and 8% are hourglass.

Our body shape usually be defined according the size measurement of bust, waist and hips.

Bust: Measure around the fullest part of the bust with your bra you are going to wear to party on, at the same time, keep your arms relaxed, down at your sides.

Waist: This is the narrowest part of your waist. Remember to keep the tape measure as horizontal as possible.

Hip: Measure the widest area of your hips, usually about 8” below your natural waistline. The tape should just sit on your hip bones.

  • Hourglass body shape: The hourglass body type is considered the ideal body type by many women. However, only 8.4% of the population have it. it is typically curvy and voluminous. Common characteristics of hour glass body shape is large chest, defined waist, and round full bottom. Bust and hips are proportionate to each other and upper body is balanced with the length of the legs. It is probably the most converted shape of all body shape, due to the well-proportioned upper and lower body. So, if your hips and bust are almost equal size with a narrow waist, this gives you a set of sexy, killer curves, then you are one of the 8.4% women.

Hourglass shape much like Apple tend to have large bust. The key to dressing an hourglass body shape is to proportionally dress the top and bottom of your body while accentuating your waist. So the best dress for hourglass shape is usually with a well-defined waist. For example, natural waist form-fitted tops, v-necklines, open necklines, accentuated waistlines and wrap dress will all look great and enhance an hourglass body type. Many modern styles will flatter hourglass figure, it also tends to look great in classic cuts and styles. Preferred flattering prom dress styles for plus size hourglass body shape:

  • Of course, the fit prom dresses, like sheath prom dress, bodycon prom dress, mermaid prom dresses to show perfect curve;
  • Fit and flare or A-line silhouette prom party dress to draw attention to a defined waist;
  • Peplum prom dress, empire waist prom dresses are your back up style;
  • Trumpet silhouette similar to the mermaid style, but have less of a flare. The flare of trumpet begins from the mid-thigh which makes it a little more comfortable to move freely. It defines your natural body curves more prominently, accentuating the waist to give you a flattering appeal.
  • Same as other shaped body, a correct size bra is needed to lift and showcase your curves.
Prom Dresses styles for hourglass body shape
  • Pear: the common characteristic of Pear body shape is wide hips, thick thighs and legs, small defined waist and narrow shoulders If you have hips larger than the bust, and the waist is well defined, then you are pear shaped, same as plus size model Fluvia Lacerda.

Your focus is going to create an illusion of hourglass shape by balancing your upper and bottom body by adding volume to your upper half with ruffle or puffy sleeves to emphasize the shoulder, emphasize the small waist, Elongating the legs and de-emphasize the lower body to create a balanced silhouette.

Waist is the smallest part of pear shapes, prom dresses that accent it are recommended. We recommend the prom dress with a cowl-neck, statement necklace to draw the attention up to your upper body and full or A-line skirt to help pear-shaped girls look their best. Preferred prom dresses style include:

  • Aline prom dresses with thin belt (avoid wide belt) will aid you in showcasing your small waist;
  • Fit and flare prom dresses are also great options;
  • Prom dresses with empire waist, as they define the smallest part of upper torso, under the bust;
  • Peplum style, it will draw attention to upper body. For plus size girls, peplum silhouette is ultimate. It is recommended for girls who have a heavier bottom. It will minimize the heavy waist and belly to create an hourglass shape. Pleated peplum looks even more flattering and chic.
Prom Dresses for Pear Body Shape

Matching Accessories: Consider large accessories, such as chunky necklaces, large earrings.

  • Apple (Inverted triangle): Those who are always apples (“born apples”) and those who become apples when they gain weight (“new apples”). The most common characteristics of Apple body shape are that you carry most of your weight in your tummy and bust; Large bust, fat tummy, slim hips and legs, and most apple shapes women have broad shoulders. So if you are bigger on the top half of your body than the lower half, you are apple shaped.

Your focus is going to draw attention to your upper by large V-necklines, geometric shaped neckline, and great accessories (large neckline, large earrings), or legs by side slit cut design or wearing above the knee dress.

Same as Pear shape, the ultimate goal of styling Apple shapes is to minimize the tummy by creating or defining a waist, or play up other positive features. Different is Pear body shape is show off the slimmer waist, Apple shaped women is to create a more defined waist.

The apple body shape is beautifully well-suited for many dress styles. Since it carries weight through the middle section, slim legs, and a shorter undefined waistline. Wrapped or ruched prom dresses help to create perfect body curve, flatter the midsection, always look good. The wrap elements will highlight your waist shape in a pleasing way.  Preferred plus size prom dresses style include:

  • Aline prom dresses with full skirt, in fact A-line prom dresses fit all body shape, it is the style never goes wrong if you can’t decide the style of your prom dress;
  • Prom dresses with belt, it will instantly give definition to your waist. So, A-line prom dresses with belt is perfect; Or prom dress with an empire waist or embellished top draws the eye to your upper body;
  • Pencil prom dresses in long or short length;
  • And off the shoulder prom dresses, prom dresses with bias cut are your plus size prom dresses consideration too;
  • Except large accessories, a great fitting bra is essential to support your large bust;
  • Dress with V or deep V neck is a particularly complimentary style for those who are heavier on top; When hunting for the prom dress for apple body shape, remember to look for V-neckline as these accentuate your upper body and make you look taller. It is going to visually draw the eye up and divide the width of your shoulders and chest.

A scoop neck, especially a lower scoop works well also. Asymmetrical necklines also make a good choice. Try to avoid turtlenecks, crew necks, boat or bateau necks, ballet necks, jewel necks, and off-the-shoulder styles.

  • If you love your legs, be sure to show them off in short or high low length dresses.
Prom Dresses for Apple Body Shape

Banana (Rectangular): it is the most common women’s body shape. The most common characteristics of Banana body shape are that you are proportioned in the shoulder, bust and hips. So, if you have close to same measurement of your shoulder, bust and hips, you are Banana shaped body, also called Rectangle.

Girls with Banana shapes are a little boxy and boyish. The benefit of having a straight body figure is the fact that you can wear almost any clothing style and it will look good. Some styles will fit to the natural shape of the body while others will add shape and the illusion of curves.

The point to dress rectangle plus size girls is also to define the waist, create a curvier shape. Rectangular body shape girls look lovely in dresses that accentuate the long and lean physique, like fitted dresses. You can add curves and dimension to your look with these details: empire waist, asymmetric neckline, belted waist or a slit. Another great way to contour your figure is opting for draped necklines that finish at your bust.

Preferred plus size dresses style include:

  • Semi-fitted party dress, avoiding too tight or too loose;
  • A-line or pencil with belt to instantly give definition to your waist to create curve;
  • Fit & flare silhouette dress to give the lower body flare works great to give curves of body. The fitted waist defines your midsection, while the roomier skirt adds a little flounce to each step. And also, baby doll dress, skater prom dresses, and peplum dresses will complete your frame well;
  • Since you’re the girls with less curve, the waist-cinching mermaid silhouette can be flattering. It hugs the upper portion of your body and flares elegantly from knees to form a train, it will make you look rather bold and sexy. It will create the illusion of curves and give an hourglass shape by adding balance between the upper and lower halves.
  • Dramatic, puff sleeves add interesting texture and contrast to the delicate A-line party dress.
Prom Dresses for Banana Body Shape

Shopping online is the popular option to find a prom dress for girls. They have the latest dress styles and hottest fashion trends for the prom party, we are so impressed with the options available online. If you want to look stylish with a fit prom dress ordered online, go for tailoring prom dresses. Tailored prom dresses will fit you like a glove (not too tight or too loose) and make you feel confident when wearing it, it is magical. In fact, it is affordable if you know where to place order.

Except silhouette, right color is the one to take into consideration. If you want to keep on the safe side when choosing the right prom dress colors, it’s good to stick to only a couple of color variations. Monochrome prom dresses are beautiful and they will lengthen your figure and help you look taller. It is worth to spend time getting to know your skin’s undertones so that you can determine what colors suit you best.

If you’re warm skintone, your go-to colors come from cool color family: warmer greens and blues.

If you’re cool skintone, go-to colors from warm color family: Shocking pink, cerise, ruby, and bright rose.

There’s something comforting about an all-black outfit, it looks great on everyone, easy to wear, it’s considered timeless. Besides black, if you can’t decide color, consider some neutrals colors, like gray.

Details on the plus sized prom dress should be simplistic and elegant, so nothing too involved. And it should be on the bodice only to draw the focus upwards.

The accessories add finishing touches to your overall look; so, don’t make the mistake of wearing the wrong ones too! Decide the size, color, and design of your right accessories with the color, cut of your dress.

You have lots of color options if your prom dress is black, white, or neutral colors. But if not, your accessories color options are limited. The quick rule is to simply match the color of your accessories to your dress.

About the designs of your accessories depending on the designs of the dress. Prom Dresses with lavish designs are best worn with accessories in simple appearance. I am sure none of you want to overshadow your elegant dress with a massive statement pendant, right? On the other hand, plain or simple plus size dresses can be blend well with elaborate design accessories.

Also, the cut of the party dresses takes cues to choose your prom accessories. If you are going to wear a long sleeves prom dress, a beautiful bracelet won’t make any sense. A layered necklace will be excessive for a turtleneck prom dress.

Remember these are just suggestion, ultimately wear what you want, wear whatever make you feel good and brings you joy.  Everyone is unique, no suggestion will work for everyone. Some people are short, tall, long torso, short legs, small bust, big bust, no waist, wide hips, etc. We are all unique combinations. Use what works for you. Disregard what doesn’t.

Being overweight doesn’t mean you can’t look amazing with the fashion trend. Know the trends and mix it into your prom outfits when you like the trends. Only buy pieces that make you look and feel your best from plenty of styles and fabrics choice when you are searching for the dreamy prom dress. That is to say if you take care to look at the proportion and fit of the dress, you will find the dress complementing your body curves and you cannot go wrong.

BTW, as a plus size girls, your goal is to accentuate your assets, it includes your eyes, you lip and other facial features. Contouring (highlighting and shading) can detract from fuller areas and give great definition to your face shape. So, if you want to draw people’s attention to your face, emphasize one area in your best colors, it will give you a brilliant glow.

Don’t forget to set a realistic budget and stick to it. You’ll surely find a stunning dress for the prom regardless of how much you’re able to spend.

So, this post gives you traditional and non-traditional options! Similarly, you can even use it if you’re just going to a fancy gala and need some nice plus size evening wear. Either way you’re covered!

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