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How to Upgrade Ponytail for Prom Dresses

Ponytail style is easy to do and literally only take a couple of seconds to pull together with a hair tie, it is the perfect hairstyle to enjoy outdoor activities. In fact, they fit any occasion and can be dressed up or down.

Since we’re all looking forward to more face-to-face interactions and parties, there’s no reason that simple go-to ponytail boring. Stylish ponytails on celebrities like Tia Mowry and Paige Hurd let us know we can upgrade it ourselves. Stylish ponytails will keep you looking cute while dancing, all it takes is a little braid here, a backcomb there, and a few strategically placed hair accessories to end up with something that feels brand new.

  • The Razzle Dazzle Ponytail

As the name suggest, it is the ponytail decorated with dazzle hair jewels, headband (for example flat self-adhesive diamonds), and it is an easy way to make any ponytail look fabulous. I have to day that there’s no easier way to take a ponytail from basic to bold than adding a headband.

The hair jewels can be added to part of your head or on your ponytail, and even you can attach it in your baby hairs, it will truly take your ponytails to the next level, and upgrade your whole UK prom dresses outfits.

Razzle Dazzle Ponytail

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  • Designer Chains Ponytail

The coolest way to repurpose an old necklace or chain belt? Simply wrap it around the base of a low pony.

Designer Chain Ponytails

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  • The Retro Pony, Retro Vibes

A deep side swoop and a little bit of volume at the crown gives a classic pony a fun ’60s vibe.

   Flipped ends were one of the coolest hair trends to come out of 2020, and it looks as though they’re sticking around for 2021.

Really lean into the ’60s Barbie vibes with a glam ribbon (cute puppy optional).

Create a retro ’60s look with this fun, flipped-out ponytail to match these cute retro prom dress.

Retro Pony hairstyle

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  • Tendril’s ponytail, it is definitely for prom party.

Pulling two longer strands out of a polished pony gives your look a throwback edge and is a pretty way to frame your face.

Tendril ponytai prom hairstyle

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  • The Cornrow Ponytail, or Side-Braided Ponytail

Weave a thin braid from brow bone to the base of your ponytail. OR using cornrows to accentuate any ponytail.

Cornorw ponytail prom hairstyle

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  • Double-Twist Ponytail

Starting at the top, add some dimension by twisting two sections—one right on top of the other—from either side of your head.

Double-Twist Ponytail Prom Hairstyle

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Two Prom Hairstyles Tutorial for Medium Hair

prom hairstyles for medium hair

Style 1:

Divide hair into top and bottom two parts according ears;

divide hair into top and bottom

Braid bottom hair from left to right; Divide top hair into three parts;

braid bottom hair from left to right

Loose top part hair with upside down method layer by layer; smooths the top one with air control.

loose top hair layer by layer

Twist left and right hair to the center and fix them together with clips;

twist left and right hair into center of the braid

Twist the end of hair into the twist, spray air control.

Twist the end of hair into the twis

Now we are done!

Style 2:

First, curly your hair first;

curly hair first

Divide hair into left, center and right, center pony into an updo;

divide hair into three parts

Braid left hair from top to down to onto the updo, fix it with clips;

Braid left hair from top to down to onto the updo

Right part is the same; and we are finished now.

braid right to the center


DIY Retro Hairstyle for Halloween Party

Halloween is on its way now, Halloween party is waiting for you. It’s time to prepare everything now, a beautiful vintage Halloween party dress, matching shoes, retro hairstyles. Following is the tutorial of DIY retro hairstyle for medium length hair girls, it is easy but elegant, what you need is a vintage Hair band:

tutorial of retro halloween party hairstyle


vintage Halloween party dresses uk

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